Project No :- 1

SEO Audit for Fossilslondon Website

Project description

The client has invited me to apply for this opportunity and he was looking for someone who has strong expertise in Website Audit, Competitor Analysis, Facebook Ads analysis, and design SEO strategy for his Shopify Store.

I have carefully gone through the website manually as well as via tools and done a brief audit that gives a deeper understanding along with the actionable plans.

I delivered an audit report which includes:
➤Website Audit
-Positive and Negative things
-Current statistics

➤On-page Analysis

➤Competitor Analysis
-Website Analysis
-Backlinks Analysis

➤Facebook page review and other Ads analysis
-Page Analysis
-Ad campaign Analysis

➤Further strategy The client was very cooperative and responsive during the project.

I delivered the work in an efficient manner and after this client hired me for the complete SEO requirement.

Project No :- 2

SEO For French Locksmith Website

Project description

The client has come up with multiple opportunities for long-term collaboration with SEO specialists who would be able to get his clients’ FRENCH websites on the first page of Google.

This was a good opportunity and the client has clearly described his overall requirement. And, I took a complete understanding of the project before starting the work.

I made a customized plan as per the client website and started off the work by implementing On-page, Off-page SEO techniques. While working on the site, I learned many things about the locksmith industry, searched targeted keywords, wrote content on different websites with the help of client, worked onsite and off site in order to improve the website performance.

The client was very much responsive, patient, disciplined, and collaborative. He always listens my suggestions and suggests his clients for the same. I have provided a complete SUPPORTS and BENEFITS to make this partnership successful:

-Maintained the coordination
-I have provided suggestions that are beneficial for the client.
-I was always available for Chat/Calls. –
I tried to resolve his query as quickly as possible.
-I provided a complete analysis of the website and keywords as per the concern.
-I only did quality and ethical work for him.

Project No :- 3

SEO Specialist for Fast Ranking

Project description

➤JOB GOALS: In this project, the client required the following things:

* Perform keyword research
* Plan for link building
* Develop and execute content marketing strategies
* Create and/or optimize fundamental SEO content including title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, on-page text, etc.
* Analyze company’s websites to determine needs and recommend content strategy.
* Audit company’s & competitor’s websites to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
* Measure and optimize search engine campaign performance while establishing benchmarks and recommending new ideas to test.

➤ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS: In a very short period of time I have completed all the On-page and Analysis of the website and completed the project with great results.

➤OUTCOME: I got great feedback from the client and she will be hiring me for more work. We would now work for a long-time with bigger goals to achieve great results.

Project No :- 4

SEO Work for Shopify Website

Project description

✔️ PROJECT DETAILS: In this project, I have followed both the On-page SEO and Off-page SEO strategy keeping the focus on the client’s website products. The client asked to target the Mirrors category mainly on his website.

In On-page optimization, I have worked on all kinds of optimization including setting up product content, Meta Content, Keyword Research, Heading Tags, Image Alt Tags, etc.

In off-page/link building, I have worked on Profile Building, Business Listing, Social Bookmarking, Graphics creation and sharing, Web 2.0 and Blogs promotions etc. I followed these processes for several months and we also succeeded in gaining ranks for the keywords related to mirrors category. Apart from the mirrors keywords, I have also focussed on other keywords and categories.

✔️ STRATEGY CHANGES: As per the project performance, I have implemented keyword changes in our existing strategy and I also made some changes in our link building strategy.

✔️ RESULTS: I got really good results in terms of traffic and keyword ranking in this project and with the recent changes the website is getting some good positions already. I would have achieved much better results but client ended because of budget issues. He said to resume again soon and overall very happy with the work.
Project No :- 5

SEO Optimization For Free Classified Site

Project description

The client has a requirement to optimize his websites The main objective was to get rank on targeted keyword for the main domain and subdomains.

SEO Services Offered:
Web 2.0 Submission
Competitor Backlink Submission
Off Page SEO/ Link Building
Regular Reporting & Analysis
Recommendations & Suggestions

Initial Results Achieved:

Updated site with latest SEO techniques
Increase in the SERP
Factors Increase referral and direct traffic
Quality backlinks
Content Optimization
Project No :- 6

SEO Work for Shopify Website

Project description

1) The client’s goal for this project is optimizing and promoting his Motor Cars website.

2) I have optimized the website starting from the On-page Audit, keyword research, Meta content etc. and also created high-quality backlinks for the client websites.

3) The website got some good results and even my work has generated sales to the client. The client is a long-term client now.

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